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Appreciating and providing importance to the learning abilities that our little ones have, also taking into account the adaptability of their brain. Based on the aforementioned areas, using different games and activities we provide the little ones with a series of stimuli that enhance their brain functions, which in the long run will facilitate aspects such as reading and mathematical calculation, but not leaving aside the area of physical, sensory and socialization.


  • Four Areas:
    1. Social.
    2. Language.
    3. Cognitive.
    4. Motor Skills.
  • There are programmed classes and activities designed for the following aspects:
    • Socialization.
    • Language: visual and auditory.
    • Cognitive.
    • Fine and Gross Motor Skills.
    • Spihncter Control.
    • Values.
    • Art.
    • Physical Education.
    • Music.


      • 7:30 to 16:00 hrs.