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Alfred Nobel
Alfred Nobel A.C. College is a particular basic education institution which was founded in August 2005 in the delegation of Pitillal, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. The school began educational activities in two levels; elementary school and junior high school. At the elementary level, with six grades and in junior high school with only first grade. In that same year, having complied with all the requirements of the regulations before the Secretary of Public Education of the State of Jalisco, we were granted the codes for the existing grade levels; in primary 14PPR0248W and 14PST0046L in secondary. In 2006, the need to offer preschool education to our community was presented, the corresponding procedures were initiated before the Ministry of Public Education so that the corresponding incorporation codes were granted and thus be able to provide this service; code: 14PJN1174L. In the 2012-2013 school year with the desire to continue growing, we began the process before the SEP so that we were granted the code that corresponds to the high school levels, so it is most likely that we will soon start the first semester of said level.


Educate, educate, train students and young people with attitudes and solid knowledge, promoting their capacity for independent learning, which are characterized by their ethics and moral integrity, becoming promoters of the common good, through a team committed to excellence Values and academic.


To be the most prestigious educational institution and recognition in Puerto Vallarta.


CONGRUENCE what is said and done everyday
THE QUALITY as the main basis for providing knowledge to our students.
INNOVATION to be always attentive to new technologies, to provide the best in education.
PROFESSIONAL ETHICS as a fundamental feature in each of the members of our institution
COMMITMENT to ourselves, to our profession, to our workplace, to our environment and country, as we are convinced that only with an ATTITUDE of this quality we can move forward.
SERVICE as our main reason for being, always providing the best human warmth and sensitivity.
CONFIDENCE We want the community we serve have it to our institution, to recognize as educational option of higher quality and prestige, incorporated qualified for the education of students and young staff.







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Prof. Faustino De La O Michel

Managing Director

LCP. Linda Yumin De La O Diaz

General Manager

LAE. Teresa Salcedo López

General Coordinator

M.E.I. Gustavo Emmanuel Jara Copado

Jr. High School Director

Lic. Psicol. Tannia Álvarez Güitron

Department of Psychology

LE. Griselda Álvarez Loera

Preschool Director