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In preschool education, children learn to relate to others, to develop responsibility, solidarity and the importance of respecting rules and regulations, as well as a series of habits that will forge their character, all in a playful and pleasant environment. This will give you confidence and self-assurance.


  • Bilingual System.
    • 50% English and 50% Spanish
    • Subjects in English
      • Phonological Awareness - Alphabet Knowledge
      • Readiness
      • Math
      • Science
      • Social studies
  • Language and communication.
  • Mathematical thinking.
  • Personal and social development.
  • Physical development and health; physical education
  • Artistic expression and appreciation; music, dance, plastic arts.
  • Exploration and knowledge of the world.
  • Maximum 20 students per classroom.
  • Computer classes.
  • Psych-pedagogical Department.
  • Family based training workshops.
  • Behavioral support.


  • De 8:00 a 14:15 hrs.