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Alfred Nobel A.C. College is a particular basic education institution which was founded in August 2005 in the delegation of Pitillal, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. The school began educational activities in two levels; elementary school and high school. At the primary level with only...

Alfred Nobel



We focus on cultivating relationships; our learning programs and implementation strategy lead us to integrate as part of the school communities and in a collaborative effort, we collaborate for the achievement of the training profiles of each institution.

The model we propose is intended to justify the use and manipulation of concrete materials to achieve mastery mathemtics and formal language in the minds of children. By doing so, they will be able to design their own methods and strategies for problem solving. The appropriation of the above process occurs in the student personal values and academic training.



Calle Fco I Madero 261,Coapinole,48290 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.

Phone number

01 322 224 0030 / 01 322 299 1793